• Your pub needs you!

    🍺 Represent & win £ for your locked-down local
    💡Take part in daily live video quizzes from your isolation station

  • How Pub Hero Works



    We'll email when we're ready to start running quizzes.


    Choose a Pub

    We'll ask you which pub you would like to represent & send £ to if you win!


    Join a Quiz

    You will be invited to join a video quiz against other Pub Heroes. There will be a small entry fee. If you win, so does your pub. Cheers!

  • Why do we need Pub Heroes?

    British Pubs, amongst many other businesses, have just suffered the biggest economic shock of their lives. Their customers are now stuck at home missing their favourite hangouts.


    What if there were places where people could gather socially online for a drink and support the establishments they love?


    Be a Pub Hero.